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Embed YouTube videos on your website with a custom player.

The Owly Cookies

Embed a Cookie consent widget that works with Google Tag Manager.


What is The Owly?

The Owly project was born as a way to help designers and entrepreneurs to improve their websites. It's my personal project. I'm Marco Antonio Ramírez Alfaro and in my free time, I create new functions for The Owly.

Why are The Owly tools free?

For two reasons, some tools use open-source code from other projects and The Owly provides additional features. The second one, this is a personal project.

Does The Owly offer any kind of support?

Not right now. But you can leave a comment on the official social networks: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

For what are the donations?

Donations are mainly used to pay for hosting and domain. Additionally, you'll support The Owly to have more user-friendly features. Finally, part of the donation will be for the other projects that helped The Owly tools.

The Owly 2022

Created by RAM ALF